CSF 2DE Maps

Cerebrospinal Fluid 2DE Maps

2DE Maps of the Human Cerebrospinal Fluid Proteome

Hydrocephalus Sample
(Figure 3)

Normal Sample
(Figure 4)


  • The majority of the spot identifications are in the map of the Hydrocephalus Sample (Figure 3). The map of the Normal Sample (Figure 4) is supplemental and contains only spots not identified in Figure 3.

  • Score = Mascot Mowse Score (Matrix Science)

  • CI = % Confidence Interval Calculated by GPS Explorer (Applied Biosystems)

To reference information in these maps please cite:

EJ Finehout, Z Franck, and KH Lee. Towards two-dimensional electrophoresis mapping of the cerebrospinal fluid proteome from a single individual. Electrophoresis 2004, 25(15), 2564-2575.

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