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John Ruano-Salguero

BS: Chemical Engineering, City College of New York CUNY

Contact Information:
Email username (at jruanos
Office: 270 DBI
Phone: (302) 831-4410

Research Project:

Efforts to treat neurodegenerative diseases (NDs), such as Alzheimer's disease, has been limited by the complexity involved with studying NDs as well as delivering therapeutic candidates pass the blood-brain barrier (BBB) to reach their targets within the brain. Accordingly, an improved fundamental understanding of BBB functionality and transport could better direct future ND therapeutic drug development. To address this need, BBB models have enabled researchers a modular tool with which to study and assay therapeutic drug transport. With the recent advancements of stem cell-based humanized BBB models, we aim to further improve current static, 2D platforms by developing dynamic, 3D systems. Dynamic, 3D BBB models will enable the recapitulation of important aspects of native BBBs, such as shear stress and 3D microarchitecture.

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