Sumit Singh

PhD: Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Contact Information:
Email username (at sumit
Office: BPI

Research Area:

Biotherapeutics provide unique and novel treatment opportunities for many life-threatening diseases. Among many other CQAs that define biotherapeutics, glycosylation is a well-recognized critical product attribute that requires stringent monitoring and control. Given the criticality of their role in exertion of a therapeutic protein’s pharmacological effect, it is necessary to characterize detailed glycan structures, as well as those specific glycan subsets that are known or are likely to cause adverse events in the body. My work is focused on using mass spectrometry to determine the bottlenecks that prevent consistent glycoform expression during fed-batch cultures of CHO cells. The aim is to capitalize on the derived information to minimize glycan heterogeneity during CHO culture.

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