Nathaniel Hamaker

BS: Chemical Engineering, Plant Biology, The Pennsylvania State University

Contact Information:
Email username (at nhamaker
Office: 557 BPI
Phone: (302) 831-4410

Research Project:

Despite their pervasive use in biomanufacturing for the production of therapeutic proteins, Chinese hamster ovary cell lines often suffer from production instability during extended cell culture. The intent is to develop a reporter system by which to screen strategies for increasing the efficiency of site-specific integration (SSI) of transgenes into the CHO genome as well as explore the potential of SSI to enhance productivity stability.

At the same time, a proteomic approach is being taken to determine the impact of cell age on the host cell protein (HCP) expression profile of an industrially relevant, monoclonal antibody (mAb)-producing cell line. HCPs are released during cell death or secreted directly into the culture medium and must be depleted in the final formulation to ensure safety. Certain HCPs are known to challenge standard separation techniques; therefore, a thorough understanding of HCP expression changes will be necessary to guide the design of more effective downstream purification processes.

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