Current Members

Lab Manager Lab Scientist

Leila Choe

Lie Min
Protein identification and quantification in complex matrix

Postdoctoral Researchers

Lauren Cordova
Investigating mechanisms of genomic instability in CHO cells

Sumit Singh
Characterization of mAb glycosylation dynamics during CHO cell culture

Madolyn (MacDonald) Stinner
Investigation of NGS/bioinformatics approaches to detect viral contamination during the biotherapeutic production pipeline

Graduate Students

Nathaniel Hamaker
Understanding and mitigating protein expression instability
in CHO cells

Doug Nmagu
Investigating the effects of chromatin-modifying small molecules
on productivity in industrially relevant CHO cell lines

Bill Hilliard
Identifying stable hotspots of transcriptional activity
in the CHO genome

Alana Szkodny
Predicting difficult-to-express antibody constructs
by primary amino acid sequence analysis

Erica Green
Improving productivity in recombinant
adeno-associated virus vector production processes

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