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Current Members

Graduate Students Lab Scientist

Michaela Gallucci

Application of constraint-based modeling for in silico analysis and prediction of CHO-cell glycosylation

Lie Min

Improvement of membrane protein proteomics

Nathaniel Hamaker

Understanding and mitigating protein expression instability in CHO cells

Post Doctoral Researchers

Doug Nmagu

Jongyoun Baik

Development of multiple CHO genomic visualization tools

John Ruano-Salguero

Development a dynamic, 3D blood-brain barrier model

Jing Guo

Understanding protease expression and activity in CHO cells

Madolyn (MacDonald) Stinner

Improvement of Chinese Hamster genome assembly as a reference for CHO cell lines

Xiaolin Zhang

Studying double-strand break (DSB) repair genes in CHO cells

Lab Manager

Leila Choe

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