Current Members

Lab Manager Lab Scientist

Leila Choe

Lie Min
Protein identification and quantification in complex matrix

Postdoctoral Researchers

Hussain Dahodwala
Facilitating continuous innovation in CHO-based biologics manufacturing by collaborative research in AMBIC and CHOg2p projects

Sumit Singh
Characterization of mAb glycosylation dynamics during CHO cell culture

Madolyn (MacDonald) Stinner
Investigation of NGS/bioinformatics approaches to detect viral contamination during the biotherapeutic production pipeline

Graduate Students

John Ruano-Salguero
Development a dynamic, 3D blood-brain barrier model

Nathaniel Hamaker
Understanding and mitigating protein expression instability
in CHO cells

Doug Nmagu
Investigating the effects of chromatin-modifying small molecules
on productivity in industrially relevant CHO cell lines

Bill Hilliard
Identifying stable hotspots of transcriptional activity
in the CHO genome through epigenomic analyis

Alana Szkodny
Predicting difficult-to-express antibody constructs
by primary amino acid sequence analysis

Erica Green
Improving productivity in recombinant
adeno-associated virus vector production processes

Patrick Bresnahan
New member!

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