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Sansheng Chen

BS: Biotechnology, Orient Science & Technology College of Hunan Agricultural University

Contact Information:
Email username (at sansheng
Office: 270 DBI
Phone: (302) 831-4410

Research Project:

The CHO-K1 cell line is the most commonly used ancestral CHO cell line. It is often used in the study of factors that would affect the yield and quality of therapeutic protein production. The measurement of gene expression is an approach used to study the function of the genome. DNA-microarrays and RNA-sequencing are two main technologies to collect gene/mRNA expression values. Many tools are created to process and visualize the gene/mRNA expression data. However, there are no direct methods to go from multiple gene expression datasets to visualization. Thus, the goal of this study was to modify gene/mRNA expression data formats for visualization and for easier scientific interpretation. By using custom python scripts, new files that contain gene expression information were generated and visualized in JBrowse.

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